4 station zones now in Quebec


Thanks to the collaboration of the City of Québec, we are very happy to announce the arrival of four station zones for the summer season.

The first four can be found in these areas:

208 – Station zone Holland and de Longueuil

209 – Station zone Christophe-Colomb and Victoria

210 – Station zone Dorchester and du Roi

211 – Station zone 4e Avenue and 6e Rue

What exactly is a station zone?

Unlike a regular station located in a fixed location, a station zone is an area on the map visible in the Communauto app. 

The perimeter of the station zone is small enough to be crossed quickly on foot. 

Vehicles at these stations are parked on the street and can be anywhere within the zone boundaries. They do not have a fixed parking space. 

How does a station work?

The reservation 

When booking your vehicle, you will only know the area where to find it. 

Before starting the trip 

Check the exact location of the vehicle in the mobile app before leaving. The vehicle will appear on the map up to 10 minutes before the start of your reservation (if it is already available). 

At the end of the trip 

When your reservation is done, simply release the vehicle within the station zone boundaries in a location that is not subject to restrictions. 

The vehicles also have residential parking permits, just like FLEX vehicles, so the same rules apply for on-street parking. Read the signs carefully. 

 See the Parking Guide for more information. 

The info-station: a useful tool

You can find detailed information for each station zone in the info-station, accessible during the trip by clicking on the name of the station in the Communauto app. 

Station zones to better respond the interest in car sharing

Interest in carsharing is growing! The sustainable and financial benefits certainly have a lot to do with it! So how do we respond to this increased demand? By diversifying our service with the creation of station zones, which allow us to guarantee users two perks: 

  • the reliability of our reservation service that lets you have a vehicle when you need it; 
  • the flexibility of our FLEX service for simplified and hassle-free parking. 

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